Announcing 3 new monthly Smartsheet events in London

Announcing 3 new monthly Smartsheet events in London

We are delighted to announce 3 new Smartsheet events that we are running every month in London. These events are aimed at 3 different audiences – those who want to learn how Smartsheet can help transformation in their organisation, those new to Smartsheet and those who wish to accelerate their learning. 

1. Get started with Smartsheet

Get started with Smartsheet is a 90 minute free workshop where we showcase 4 simple ways to get going with Smartsheet. This will include the basics of the sheet (sheet types, conditional formating, column types), simple formulas, reports and the basics of building a dashboard. If you’ve heard about Smartsheet, and want to get a taste, this should deliver a great overview. There is an opportunity to follow up with a 1 day Smartsheet training course.

2. Smartsheet London Meetup

Smartsheet London Meetup is a 2 hour evening event, held on the second Wednesday of the month in central London. It’s for Smartsheet users who want to improve their skills in Smartsheet and understand how Smartsheet can help them in their daily jobs. The evening is interactive, hands-on and follows a similar structure – we start with a deep dive in to a particular Smartsheet feature, and demonstrate latest features. We then follow up on some hands on practice – sometimes formulas, sometimes automations. We then finish up with questions from the attendees, where we split into smaler groups and help each other solving our challenges. The 2 meetups so far have been fantastic, and everyone has learned something new from these. Smartsheet London Meetup is free to attend.

Smarstheet Exec

The Smartsheet Exec 60 minute event is aimed at company directors, programme and project managers who wish to unleash the potential of their teams. They may be frustrated with siloed working, lack of transparency and accountability within their organisation which is holding back performance.  Organisations are looking at work management collaboration tools that help their teams work faster, drive innovation and achieve more. During this workshop, we:

  • Show how the collaborative work management market has evolved
  • Showcase the companies that have transformed their performance through using Smartsheet
  • Outline key user cases – projects and processes that can be transformed through using Smartsheet
  • Bring examples from leading global & UK companies