Smartsheet Pivot App


Smartsheet Pivot App is loved by sales managers to view their sales pipeline month by month, and sales professionals to track the progress of teams and individuals. 

Using a sheet or report as a source, Pivot App enables you to create custom roll-ups and forensically interrogate data to increase the visibility of your key metrics and measures.

The pivot produced displays are automatically updated as source data changes, so you are always seeing the latest picture. As pivots can be created from reports, you can gather information from multiple sheets into any pivot display.

Once you have created your pivot display, it can be shown directly on a dashboard or used to produce charts on a dashboard.

This video demonstrates who Pivot App works.

Vide Transcript: Hi this is Gary from Cheetah Transformation…

Vide Transcript: Hi this is Gary from Cheetah Transformation this is our Smartsheet Premium Application overview for Pivot App.
Hi everyone we’re going to demonstrate Pivot App in this demonstration. We’re imagining we work for a company XYZ, we employ four people and every day when the colleagues work and they do some client work what they have to go and do is they have to go to a form and they have to enter the date, the client name, who they are and then how many days or hours they worked. That then enters the sheet and so we’re getting a load of data coming into the sheet, which is updated on a daily basis. We want to use Pivot App to go and provide some insight to the Management Team in terms of how they’re performing. So what we’re going to do we’re going to do the second chart here: sales value by client per month. So we come into Pivot App. Then when we’re in Pivot App we go and create a pivot sheet, we have to go and select the sheet where the data resides. In this example it resides under Company XYZ Sales. In terms of the rows we’re going to have the clients, in terms of columns we’re going to have the months, in terms of values we’re going to have value and that’s going to be sum. And the pivot name is going to be “Value by Client by Month” and the execution frequency we want this to run every every week. So you can change that if you want to and then we’re going to save this under Pivot App and we’re going to call it Sales by Client by Month. Just a quick summary here you have to confirm this and create. So basically the pivot’s being created now, a few things on here you have the ability to change: transfer ownership, you can go in here to settings and edit this you can go and this one here is around just viewing the target logs and you can also go and delete, But all we need to do to run this still click on this. double check so to confirm that, you can preview this and then you can go and create. Now that’s going to take a couple of minutes to create.
When it creates you’re going to need to go and do some quick work on the column headings to make it simpler to understand but you do this once and then it’s just done. So we now come back to let’s come back to the workspace which under Premium Applications, Pivot App and the table Sales by Client by Month has been produced, All we’ve got to go and do here is just going to convert these into into the months, once you’ve done it once it’s all happened it’s all there for you, Just be careful in terms of the numbers because they will go in a certain order um so yeah apologies well I’m going to do this quickly but the nice thing about this is once you’ve done it this will update on a weekly basis.
I find it’s invaluable, it saves so much time on a weekly basis because we’re all used to pivot tables and they are great aren’t they? So let’s just go and move October and November to the other side of September and that’s of course one total here. Now because we don’t have December, a new a new column will come in in December but so you might need to go and again look at the headings. In terms of into the headings, will probably come in as 12, sum of in in December so you have to go and adjust that again. Now we’ve got the table of data. all we need to come do is come to the dashboard, edit, add the widgets, add the chart and then we’ll come to Premium Applications, Sales by Client by Month and we come and pick up the data and then you can choose to have it like this or you can have it like this or like that. I quite like this one here so Sales by Client by Month and that is my second chart in the dashboard. I’ve done the one previously which was Days Work by Client by Week, I’ve now got this by Months and it’s going to update on a weekly basis.
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Using Smartsheet Pivot App allows your organisation to:

    • Analyse & summarise data to make better, faster decisions
    • Group & organise data that exists in Smartsheet sheets & reports
    • Populate dashboards from Pivot App sheets