Smartsheet Training

From 90-minute Get Started with Smartsheet sessions to bespoke three-day advanced training for subject matter experts; we know having your teams working confidently in Smartsheet is vital.

The training is flexible in its delivery. It can be on-screen or face-to-face at your premises, for groups or individuals.

Cheetah Transformation training is delivered by one of our team of Smartsheet consultants, these are the people who spend the majority of their time building Smartsheet solutions so they know the platform inside out. These Smartsheet certified experts deliver training that incorporates all their experience with the best of new thinking and ideas.

Get Started with Smartsheet and Smartsheet Foundation are our training courses designed for those new to Smartsheet.

Get Started with Smartsheet

In just 90 minutes  Smartsheet novices learn how to create and share their own items.  Get Started with Smartsheet covers:

  1. Home page navigation
  2. Introduction to sheets including:
    • Navigation within a sheet & tool bar
    • Column types
    • Hierarchy (parent/child) of rows
    • Simple formula
  3. How to create a project plan with accompanying Gantt chart
  4. How to create a form
  5. Introduction to automation use
  6. Introduction to reports
  7. Dashboard highlights

Getting Started with Smartsheet is primarily a demonstration based course, but participants are welcome to follow along  in their own  Smartsheet account

Smartsheet Foundations

Smartsheet Foundation is an interactive 3 hour session in which participants build their own mini Smartsheet solution. This training starts by covering the same topics as Get Started  but in more depth  and each with an interactive element for participants to gain hands-on experience.

Additionally Smartsheet Foundations covers:

  1. Use of Sheet Summaries
  2. Use of logic in forms
  3. Importing to & exporting from Smartsheet
  4. Introduction to the Smartsheet App

Participants are encouraged to bring along a real life idea or situation  to build into Smartsheet as part of their learning experience

For current users requiring additional skills we offer bespoke training designed to meet specified needs.

Intermediate Smartsheet

Advanced Smartsheet

Premium Application Training


Benefits of our Smartsheet Training Service

    • Get Started with Smartsheet and Foundations to get users off to a flying start
    • Bespoke Intermediate & Advanced training sessions to upskill key users
    • Hands on best practice and principles for Smartsheet success