Dropdown Manager for Smartsheet by Cheetah Apps

Update drop-down lists used across Smartsheet from one central sheet instead of having to update them individually, saving time and reducing errors,

If you are using the same drop-down list in multiple places across Smartsheet, updating that could be a big job. If every project you run in Smartsheet needs updates, that could run in to tens or hundreds of drop-down lists to be updated. That takes valuable time and it’s easy to miss one or make a mistake.

Drop Down Manager for Smartsheet is designed to update all those matching drops down lists in a few minutes and match them perfectly to the original. It works from one central master sheet, which contains all the drop-down lists, and enables a connection to be made to every destination sheet where that same drop down exits.  When you need to update any of the drop-down lists, just do so in the master sheet then run the Drop Down Manager to push the update out to all the destination sheets that require it. To add a new destination sheet to Drop Down Manager takes a matter of seconds, and that sheet is linked until you choose to delete it.

Drop Down Manager runs on a 10 min frequency cycle.  Update drop downs lists as often as needed and 10 minutes later, every linked destination sheet will be showing the new drop down list. If you are in a hurry, you can push out an immediate update to all sheets or just selected ones.

The video below demonstrates how to set up and run Drop Down Manager for Smartsheet by Cheetah Apps.