Backup Manager by Cheetah Apps

Smartsheet’s in-built backup system will only backup sheets; not reports, dashboards or forms, and saves cell contents as flat text.

Backup Manager by Cheetah Apps, built by our developers, does much more. It will backup the sheets, reports, dashboards and forms you rely on, and it will maintain formulas, links, and formats.

You can choose to backup at a workspace or folder level and you control the back-up frequency, from twice-a-day to once-a-year. With Backup Manager by Cheetah Apps you can hold up to the last 21 backed up versions at any one time. The location of the back-ups and the naming convention is entirely under your control.

Creating a Backup Manager run is easy; it is a one-time task taking two minutes then every run takes 30 seconds – you don’t even have to pause working in Smartsheet while it runs.

The video below demonstrates how simple it is to protect your work in Smartsheet using Backup Manager by Cheetah Apps.