Smartsheet WorkApps & Collaborator Pack

WorkApps is a package that allows you to create an App version of your own Smartsheet solution

WorkApps Smartsheet solution is loved by field sales teams sending requests to HQ and retail compliance teams sending updates & images.

This enables you to share exactly & only what stakeholders need, based on their role, from your wider solution. This streamlined approach makes it simpler for everyone to interact with Smartsheet. Incorporate sheets, reports, forms, dashboards and external content to create no-code, easily navigable Apps for use while on-the-go via your mobile device or from your laptop.

WorkApps is no-code, so are available for any users to create and it only takes minutes to create one.

WorkApps Collaborator Pack is an add on that allows stakeholders outside your organisation to interact with and update your WorkApps.

WorkApps is included with Enterprise License purchase and WorkApps Collaborator Pack is included with all tiers Advance Licenses; so benefits from the security level of those licenses.

Using WorkApps Smartsheet Solution allows your organisation to:

    • Package your Smartsheet content into secure scalable Work Apps without needing to write code
    • Simplify views to give everyone access to just the info they require by tailoring the Work App to team roles
    • Incorporate Tableau and Google Docs