Smartsheet Resource Management


Resource Management by Smartsheet is loved by marketing agency operations managers, and programme and portfolio managers. 

Resource Management is a tool that enables you to view your team’s capacity, plan your future resource needs and track time & budget consumption at a project level

Resource Management contains a reporting suite that can be used and filtered to your requirements.

Resource Management can be used as a standalone tool or linked directly Smartsheet project plans, with key information moving bi-directionally between Smartsheet and Resource Management.

Using Resource Management by Smartsheet enables your organisation to:

    • Track who is working on which project
    • Track progression of each project vs. budget (time or value)
    • View available capacity/overloading by individuals
    • Create ‘placeholders’ to shape out resource forecasts
    • Tailor hours/days to your organisation
    • Tailor hours/days to individuals
    • Customise roles/departments/skills to your team