Smartsheet Resource Management

Smartsheet Resource Management

Keeping track of resources used in a business is crucial for the efficiency and success of tasks or projects. Smartsheet’s Resource Management tool allows businesses to strategically plan, schedule and allocate within a task or wider project; helping to keep project schedules and budgets on track.

Resource Management by Smartsheet is a tool powered by data and analytics that enables businesses from a range of industries to find the right people for every project, manage teams and track time for better growth and optimisation planning.

Smartsheet Resource Management Overview

Formerly known as 10,000ft, Smartsheet Resource Management is a tool that enables you to view your team’s capacity, plan your future resource needs and track time and budget consumption at a project level.

Smartsheet Resource Management helps to optimise the resource expenditure within a business or a project, ensuring the final deliverable project is the best it can be.

Resource Management can be used as a standalone tool or linked directly to Smartsheet project plans, with key information moving bi-directionally between Smartsheet and Resource Management.


Using Resource Management by Smartsheet enables your organisation to:

    • Track who is working on each project.
    • Track the progression of a project vs. budget.
    • View available capacity/overloading by individuals.
    • Create ‘placeholders’ to shape out resource forecasts.
    • Tailor hours/days to your organisation and individuals.
    • Customise roles/departments/skills to your team.

Why Smartsheet Resource Management?

Resource Management by Smartsheet is loved by marketing agency operations managers, professional consultancy operations managers and programme and portfolio managers.

No more chasing timesheets, Smartsheet’s resource management allows you to track the resourcing of a project in real-time, allowing for more accurate forecasting. Resource Management contains a reporting suite that can be used and filtered to your requirements, it utilises dynamic reporting; allowing you to see data in real time and make changes on the go.

Resource Management enables you to spot project and performance trends with simple data visualisation allowing organisations to optimise resource planning for better efficiency and performance; with reporting surfaced directly to your Smartsheet dashboards.


Resource Management dashboard

Buying your Premium Apps and Licenses from Cheetah Transformation


Resource Management is sold separately from Smartsheet as a premium add-on product. Cheetah Transformation is a Smartsheet Platinum Partner, which puts us in the top tier of Smartsheet partners worldwide. We can provide consultancy and will work with you to produce a bespoke Smartsheet solution for your business.

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