Smartsheet Data Shuttle


Smartsheet’s Data Shuttle is loved by stakeholders, project leads/managers and executives wanting oversight of key data in one easy to manage dashboard.

Data Shuttle enables you to bring data from various sources together to improve visibility and create ‘one source of truth’.

Data can be brought into Smartsheet from another platform and/or moved out of Smartsheet to another platform. Process automation reduces the scope for errors and time spent ‘data juggling’ by team members.

Data Shuttle workflows are custom-built to your specific needs and can be done with or without any coding or specialist technical skills.

Using Smartsheet Data Shuttle allows your organisation to:

    • Upload or offload data between Smartsheet and ERPs, CRPS & database
    • Centralise data across platforms
    • Increase efficiency with automated routine processes
    • Build no-code workflows to meet your needs