Brandfolder is loved by marketing and creative teams to manage their digital assets.

Brandfolder is a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform to organise, control, distribute and measure performance of digital assets.

Brandfolder is a solution not just storage. It employs AI, Machine Learning and an inbuilt Content Delivery Network to streamline the asset management, sharing and distribution process.


Using Brandfolder allows your organisation to:

    • Organise over 200 types of assets on one platform
    • Reduce time spent on adapting assets for one-off requests
    • Make it easy for self-serve users to search for and discover relevant assets
    • Update live assets on various websites via inbuilt Content Delivery Network
    • Measure usage of assets

5 Pillars of Brandfolder:


Organise assets into collections & sections, which mimic folder structures, but allow assets to exist in multiple locations.  Over 200 different types of assets can be stored including video, images and documents.  Each asset can carry an expiry date to prevent out of date or out of license items being used.

New assets can be added directly into Brandfolder or from other software platforms via a range of widely available integrations.

Search & Discover

User designated labels, users generated tags and AI generated tags make it easy for all users to search and discover assets they need.  Video audio and text within an image can also be made searchable. With this depth of flexible searching, users don’t need to remember or understand folder structure and taxonomy, they can simply search for what they need. The AI tagging through machine learning reduces the volume of manual tagging work and applies rigour to tagging.


Within Brandfolder assets can be resized or converted as required within a controlled environment. This means self-serve users can get the assets in the format they need without having to ask the creative team to amend or recreate them. Research has shown this feature to reduce time spent on one-off requests by 40%.

Brandfolder holds up-to-date sizing for key social media platforms and combined with system admin control ensures that every asset use is the optimum size, ratio & resolution, without creating duplicates.

Version control is key, with Brandfolder assets can be embargoed and carry expiry dates. Old versions can be stored but not accessed, while new versions can be held unseen until they are marked as live.


To share assets, it only takes a few clicks to share links then view or download assets via secure micro-sites. Assets can be shared to specific teams or external partners via collections, with system admin setting permissions.  Brandfolder has unlimited guest access so can be used across your organisation and inter-organisationally.

Assets can be updated automatically internally and externally. Any update to an asset within Brandfolder flows through all collections where it features.  An inbuilt Content Delivery Network (CDN) can propagate new versions of the asset across whichever websites it is embedded in. This automated version control saves hours of time spent tracking down and replacing assets. Assets can be connected to Smartsheet dashboards or to Power BI and a range of other systems via a range of widely available integrations.

System administrators have control of who can access and distribute assets.


Brandfolder enables measurement of asset performance. Each asset has a usage report which tracks where it is being used within Brandfolder, where it has been shared and how many views it has received. Along with number of views, downloads and shares, Brandfolder uses recency to generate an asset score so you can identify your top performing assets. Search term analysis is available which can expose gaps and guide future creation, labelling & tagging.