Smartsheet Consultancy & Solution Build

Our consultants help you get the most out of Smartsheet

We offer Smartsheet consultation and build services on Smartsheet Core and all Smartsheet Premium Applications.

We can build a simple workflow in a matter of hours.  If you need a more complex solution either in Smartsheet Core or with Smartsheet Premium Applications, then we support you from idea to go-live.

Our Smartsheet consultants guide you through conceiving and structuring your Smartsheet solution, bringing ideas of how to utilise all the latest thinking and functionality to make your Smartsheet solution the best it can be. Once we start to build, our consultants do it iteratively, so you have sign-off on everything, and the opportunity to amend at every stage, right up until go-live.

Our builds include training for all users from our consultants, with specific training and support for key users/super-users. And we don’t say ‘thanks and goodbye’ at go-live. Our consultants are on hand to support you through the settling in phase, be that one-to-one coaching on the first time use with key team members, tweaks to a metric or to create that one extra dashboard.

We are proud of the number of customers who come back to us to build a second solution, or to help them roll out Smartsheet further across the business.

As a Platinum Partner, our solutions are reviewed and approved by Smartsheet so you can be confident that a Cheetah Transformation solution is an outstanding solution.

Why is our Smartsheet Consultancy Service valued so much by our clients?

    • Use expert Smartsheet Consultants to build your solution
    • Benefit from Smartsheet expertise and latest thinking from idea to go-live and beyond
    • Experience a fast start with supported roll out and scale up

Smartsheet Solution Creation

Within just a few days we can build elegant solutions in Smartsheet to solve the business challenges you face. With bespoke solutions that work seamlessly with your existing processes. We’ll get you started with in-depth training and will be there to support you at every step of the change management process.

We never over-complicate things and if you only require a simple solution, we can get you up and running in just one day. Equally, if you need something more complex, we’re happy to spend as much time as you need to create a feature-rich system.

Smartsheet Control Center Consultancy

The Smartsheet Control Center is ideal when you have a process that you replicate multiple times and you want to deliver these with consistency, visibility & scale. Smartsheet Control Center helps you mange projects from idea / intake, through development, execution, go live and archive easily. It gives you a consolidated view of all the projects in progress, monitoring status, budget, risks, deadlines, responsibilities and more. Our Smartsheet consultants are certified in Smartsheet Control Center and have implemented these solutions multiple times. We can help you set up your own fully functioning Smartsheet Control Center solution in 10-15 days, ready to transform the way you manage projects.

10,000ft Resource Management Consultancy

If you need help to manage your resources with 10,000ft, our team of consultants are fully trained and experienced to help you set up for success. We’ll ensure your company is set up correctly with the right team members, disciplines, skills so you can get going quickly.

Smartsheet Premium Application Consultancy

If you need help with Smartsheet Premium Applications, such as Smartsheet Data Uploader or Smartsheet Dynamic view, we’ll provide all the advice and support you need.

Integration with Other Systems

Our Smartsheet consultants can help you to make Smartsheet work alongside existing systems. Our team will help you seamlessly integrate Smartsheet with those systems you already rely on.

Ongoing Smartsheet Support & Consultancy

When you’re using Smartsheet every day, the system quickly becomes familiar. But it’s still good to know that there’s a Smartsheet consultant expert on hand any time you need a little extra advice or support.

We provide ongoing support to make changes to your Smartsheet solution as your needs change. We tailor our support packages, so you can choose a support package to suit your needs, based on a number of days per month, or a bundle of time. Our Smartsheet consultants can also work directly with you for a set period – just like a member of your team, helping you implement the platform internally.

Our consultants

Our Smartsheet consultants have a wealth of experience. They are professional and friendly and always offer opinions – even if that means challenging the status quo. We’ll listen carefully to your requirements before developing solutions that are exactly right for your business.

Meet our Smartsheet Consultants

How our Smartsheet consultancy services work

Our consultancy services cover every step of the Smartsheet journey.


Working closely with you and your teams, we’ll listen carefully to understand the challenges you face while exploring your long-term goals. This helps us determine how Smartsheet can be used to deliver real improvements in your business. The output of the planning is a clear understanding of the solution architecture.


We’ll build a solution that is easy to use and scalable for the future. We’ll incorporate your company’s brand into the sheets and dashboards, so it fits easily into your unique organisational culture. We’ll also build all the formulas and automations you’ll need, helping to cut out manual tasks and enabling your teams to work more effectively.


As we head into the launch phase, we fully test the solution, making usability improvements along the way. We then train your teams to use the platform, supporting the change management process at every step.


Even when you’re using Smartsheet successfully, there will always be ways to refine and improve the solution. In the maintain phase, our consultants are on hand to help you make any changes. We’ll ensure changes are implemented quickly and are here when you need a prompt answer to a question – allowing your teams to focus on delivering successful projects.

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