Smartsheet Advance

Designed for those who want to benefit from the breadth of Smartsheet capabilities, Advance is the package that enables end-to-end use of Smartsheet across an organisation.

The Smartsheet Advance License brings together a range of Smartsheet Premium Applications in one package: Smartsheet Control Center, Dynamic View, Data Shuttle and Work Apps + Collaborator Access Pack.

The possibilities with Advance are endless, beginning with Advance Silver, it includes an unlimited number of Control Center Blueprints, for both single-tier and multi-tier use and there are no limits on Data Shuttle workflows and Dynamic View configurations.

If you need additional functionality then Advance Gold or Platinum deliver even more business impact.

Advance Gold is designed to facilitate information flow & collaboration across your tech stack. Data Table  adds data storage and visualisation. Inclusion of connectors to Jira, Salesforce, and Dynamic 365 enable data to flow effortlessly between platforms. Bridge enables custom automation across the tech stack.

Advance Platinum adds a full set of security, governance and compliance tools for the most comprehensive protection and platform management.


Advance Silver delivers dynamic work management at scale, enabling portfolio, process, and secure request management.


Advance Gold adds integrations and intelligent workflows to connect Smartsheet across systems and platforms.


Advance Platinum adds advanced security and governance capabilities.

Project Portfolio Management at Scale

Monitor the status of your project portfolio, make strategic decisions on aggregate data, and automate changes across the project life cycle with Control Center.

Portfolio WorkApps: Streamlined Team Engagement

Execute on your entire portfolio of projects with tailored experiences for each team member- all in a single WorkApp.

Secure Request Management

Manage multi-step processes by sharing only what is needed to the right people at the right time with Dynamic View.

Collaborator Access to WorkApps

Streamline your work with collaborators outside of your organization with intuitive web and mobile no-code apps built on WorkApps.

Data Connections

Visualize and act on all your data across platforms with automated data uploads and offloads using Data Shuttle.

Enterprise-Level Data Storage

Store large data sets in Smartsheet to visualize and collaborate on your work. DataTable enables you to visualize and collaborate on large data sets in Smartsheet by unlocking and combining siloed data from ERPs, CRMs, and databases.

CRM and Software Development Integration

Keep teams aligned by synchronizing data across systems with bidirectional data connectors for Salesforce, Jira, and Dynamic 365.

Intelligent Workflows Across Platforms

Increase operational efficiency and improve data quality by automating routine actions across platforms with flexible, intelligent workflows using Bridge.

Governance and Administration

Establish org-level policies, manage your encryption key, report on key events like sharing and downloading, and connect with leading security management solutions.