Build the best team for the job with 10,000ft resource management by Smartsheet

Smartsheet acquired the resource management company 10,000ft in 2019.

Many Smartsheet customers were looking for more resource management capability and the business decided that the acquisition would be quicker and more effective than building the capability internally. 10,000ft complements Smartsheet:

  • 10,000ft empowers operational leaders to build the best team for the job.
  • Smartsheet empowers those teams to move faster, drive innovation and achieve more.

Here’s an overview video of 10,000ft.

10,000ft has 2 main customer types:

Professional Service firms – Advertising, Management Consultancy, Marketing, Design, Software Development

Internal teams – teams that want to operate effectively and efficiently. Could include PMO team, IT, Marketing, Operations

10,000ft provides management teams with the overview of the capacity of their teams. McKinsey & Company recently stated that “Talent is now the in disputed competitive advantage of modern companies”. 10,000ft ensures this talent is working effectively and efficiently.

10,000ft customers include Ogilvy, Boston Consulting Group, PWC, Accenture, Mercedes Benz, Fed Ex, Sony & Warner Brothers

The core 10,000ft capabilities are as follows:

1. Resource Management
10,000ft Effectively find & schedule the best project team, resolve staffing conflicts in real time and forecast hiring needs.

2. Portfolio Management
10,000ft allows you to confidently schedule projects based on your team’s capacity and forecast the project pipeline.

3. Project brief & dashboard
With 10,000ft’s visual project dashboards, it shows how work is progressing and planned vs. actual time spent to keep your projects on budget.

4. Time Tracking
Make it easy for team members, using 10,000ft to submit hours and keep them focused on the work that matters with pre-filled timesheets.

5. Time & People Reporting
10,000ft will enable you to visualise complex data to spot project trends, understand performance across the business and plan for growth.

10,000ft & Smartsheet Resource Management

10,000ft & Smartsheet are currently stand-alone applications. There is basic resource management capability in Smartsheet, but its functionality is limited. 10,000ft is a stand-alone application, and customers will need to purchase this. The real magic happens when Smartsheet and 10,000ft are integrated together. As you change the project plans in Smartsheet, your resources capacity will be updated in real time and visible on the same screen.

How 10,000ft and Smartsheet work together
How 10,000ft and Smartsheet work together

10,000ft & Smartsheet integration

The integration between Smartsheet & 10,000ft is currently being built. A 10,000ft icon will appear in the right-hand side menu bar. When 10,000ft is clicked, a side panel will appear, and as you change the project plan, the impact on your teams will be visible in this panel. The image below shows how this will look.

How 10,000ft and Smartsheet integrate together

For insight into how this will work, the 10,000ft team gave an early demo of this functionality at the Smartsheet Engage conference on 2nd October 2019. The video below shows the entire presentation of 10,000ft. To view the section on integration, I’d recommend watching from minutes 45-57 where Olen Ronning talks about the integration.

Cheetah Transformation is a Channel Partner to Smartsheet on the Smartsheet Aligned Programme, based in London, UK. To discuss how Cheetah Transformation can help resource management in your company with Smartsheet and 10,000ft, please get in touch. Cheetah Transformation is an official reseller of both Smartsheet & 10,000ft and delivers consulting solutions and 10,000ft training to help you and your team get up to speed.