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Discover how you can drive high performance and growth in marketing with Cheetah Transformation's resources, guidance and free tools.

Marketing channels are proliferating, which means an increased number of assets, production effort and management time. This is happening against a backdrop of calls for faster turnaround cycles and greater efficiency, productivity, and growth. Both brand owners and agencies are feeling the pressure.

It’s no wonder many are searching for new ways to work and to improve team performance. We know this is true both from our clients and from our own experiences so on this webpage you’ll find resources and inspiration to help you and your team increase your performance.

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Learn how to drive high performance in marketing and deliver effective creative content with JOE Media Group, Smartsheet and Cheetah Transformation.

Sarah Chatterton, Marketing Director, EMEA from Smartsheet addressed “The Work Behind the Wins”, the hard work that goes on behind the scenes:

  • What marketing teams can learn from elite sport
  • The habits & behaviours marketers can adopt to supercharge their success
  • The role of technology in marketing

Selina Thai, Senior Project & Operation Manager at JOE Media Group, shared how to revolutionise creative content delivery:

  • How JOE Media Group successfully enhanced their marketing and creative content management with the integration of Smartsheet.
  • Gain valuable insights towards adopting modern marketing and creative management to streamline work.

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Marketing report download: What it takes to win

Smartsheet’s recent report delves into the worlds of elite sport and business to discover the secrets behind peak performance. Exploring the key characteristics, as well as the pivotal roles of collective purpose, self-analysis, and technology, the report sheds light on the lessons business leaders can learn from sports.

Download What It Takes To Win to learn:

  • What high performance means and why it matters
  • What percentage of businesses are high performers currently
  • The barriers to and drivers of high performance
  • The role of tech in powering high performance
Download the full report

Improve your productivity with our free mini-project template

Great project management is key to successful delivery, but how do you deliver this without it becoming its own industry?  

Cheetah Transformation’s experience working with agencies, brand owners and studios, has led us to create a marketing and creative content specific Smartsheet project plan and dashboard template, that we are offering for free to any marketers, designers or creatives who want to try out modern collaborative work management.

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Please read our Privacy Policy for more information. There is no obligation to to purchase any Cheetah Transformation or Smartsheet product or service by submitting this form or using our free trial or template.