Unlock the Secrets of Success: Driving High Performance in Teams

What does it take to succeed? How can teams drive high performance, and how can tech help organizations unlock their potential?

At Smartsheet, we’ve taken a look at the world of sport to find out. After all, behind every sporting win lies months of hard work and preparation. If anyone knows the value of hard work, consistency, and the power of tech – it’s sportspeople.

What does it take to win?

Our recent report delves into the worlds of elite sport and business to discover the secrets behind peak performance. Exploring the key characteristics, as well as the pivotal roles of collective purpose, self-analysis, and technology, the report sheds light on the lessons business leaders can learn from sports. 


Download What It Takes To Win to learn:


  • What high performance means and why it matters
  • What percentage of businesses are high performers currently
  • The barriers to and drivers of high performance
  • The role of tech in powering high performance


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How does Smartsheet boost performance in sports?

Sporting organizations around the world benefit from the visibility provided by Smartsheet. Whether you want to keep operations running smoothly, tackle time-sensitive tasks, or streamline digital asset management, Smartsheet can help. 

Our infographic shows how we help simplify event management, optimize workflows, and save time for sporting organizations in the US, Europe, and Australia. 

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How do sporting organizations make an impact with the help of Smartsheet?

McLaren, the Royal Spanish Football Federation, LU-VE, and CARBOGEN AMCIS are just four of the sporting organizations benefiting from Smartsheet. 

McLaren Racing

Using Brandfolder, the digital asset management platform from Smartsheet, the McLaren Racing content team manages to upload, catalog, and distribute footage from each race much more quickly. Now, images are available within minutes instead of days.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation

The Royal Spanish Football Federation achieves synergy, visibility, and efficiency with Smartsheet. It uses Smartsheet to align its 30,000 clubs within a network of 23 territorial federations around a common goal: to transform and modernize football in Spain.


Smartsheet is helping LU-VE break down organizational silos and improve how people work together. As a large enterprise, it uses Smartsheet as a way for individuals across subsidiaries to share new ideas for projects, while driving collaboration.


For CARBOGEN AMCIS, handling data from multiple countries across different systems posed a threat to integrity and traceability. With the help of NANGA SYSTEMS, a Smartsheet Platinum Partner, teams now have clearer visibility on data – and urgent, potentially life-saving, tasks.

  • Download the full report

If you’re ready to find out what it takes to win, download Smartsheet’s latest report on harnessing high performance for business success today.

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