How PayPal makes faster decisions and saves time and money with Smartsheet

The PayPal story emerged at Smartsheet Engage in 2018. They emplyed 2 full time consultants, who spent 50% of their time pulling data together from various sources to populate steeing packs together for the leadership team of the Office of the CIO. The challenges of this approach are threefold. First, the data is out of date as soon as they populated the report. Secondly, errors could occur when transferring data from one source to the steering pack. Thirdly, it was costing several hundred thousand dollars per year.

What’s really interesting is that PayPal did not speak to Smartsheet for 2 years to engage with Professional Services. They learned it from You Tube videos. This demonstrates that Smartsheet is easy to use and intuitive. The team at PayPal developed the Smartsheet solution so that Smartsheet became the system of record for their work, and they created Dashboards to display the key data to the leadership team. The data was always up to date, with no errors, and the 2 consultants didn’t need to do this manual work.

Smartsheet is intuitive and easy to pick up, but not every company has the luxury of 2 years to develop a solution, or the quantity of workers who can develop a solution together. Here at Cheetah Transformation we aim to accelerate your learning in Smartsheet, so you can make big transformations in your business, now. We are here to support you both with training and consulting and implementation support. Please contact us to get started.

The PayPal story is in this video.

Here is the transcript of the video:

At PayPal our goal is to democratize money. We want to make it as easy and available to everyone to move money. Our primary goal is to make sure that we’re reducing the friction throughout that process whether you’re sending money or whether you’re receiving money.

The primary programs are made up of about 14-15 different work streams. The number of team members are in the hundreds so it’s quite busy. We’ve got people here working on Security, Risk Management, Finance, HR, Talent Acquisition, Sourcing and Recruiting.

It’s really important that on a day-to-day basis we have clear visibility to what’s occurring, what’s on point, who’s on point, what’s next and each of these work streams. We needed a tool that was flexible that was easy. Smartsheet is our single system of accountability, the system of record for the portfolio as a whole. Smartsheet really allows that summary views so you can really see the forest from the trees. One of the things we found really valuable about Smartsheet is the fact that we can use the tool from beginning to end and then the ease of use it’s a big plus to have a tool that folks can ramp up on easily and quickly.

We have a c-suite level meeting every Thursday. We were assembling that content manually – it took an army every week so that we could have a productive conversation with our leadership team. With Smartsheet now it’s all automated. You’re able to update content directly and then pull that in real-time. The impacts that we’ve seen are really around accountability and quality. We put our customers first, looking at the air as a flexibility in the ease of use of the tool what’s the information that they need to see on a day to day basis to have complete confidence that we’re delivering according to their needs and in the best interests of PayPal. Smartsheet satisfies all those needs.