Interview With Rob Eberstein from Cheetah Transformation About Enabling Teams & Businesses To Work Smarter

In this video, Rob Eberstein from Cheetah Transformation talks to Simon Payne from Punk Incorporated on the special ingredients to have successful projects and processes. Rob talks through the need to have a really clear process, the team really clear on who is responsible, alongside a great technology platform. Transformation only happens when these 3 ingredients work seamlessly together. Rob provides various examples of how businesses have turned around failing processes by aligning their process and teams with the Smartsheet platform. The examples include a building company who have transformed the way they record financial information, helping them become more profitable, a pharmaceutical company who can now manage their resources more effectively, a consumer goods company who now always launch products on time, and a large media company where all their team members know exactly what they need to do when they start work everyday through Smartsheet.