Protect your sensitive data with Smartsheet Dynamic View

Smartsheet Dynamic View
Teams sharing data via Smartsheet Dynamic View

Dynamic View, a new and exciting premium app from Smartsheet, enables you to control your confidential information, whilst harnessing collaboration across various stakeholders for critical business processes. You may want certain people or suppliers to certain information relating to items they initiated but you don’t want to share them to the underlying sheet.


Dynamic View is a premium app from Smartsheet that is designed to empower business leaders to share sensitive information to the right people at the right time for collaboration, viewing or editing.

For many business processes, such as procurement tendering, large complex projects or HR performance reviews; those managing these types of workflows need to maintain full control of certain sensitive information, and therefore can ill afford full transparency. Dynamic View by Smartsheet enables business users to maintain the confidentiality required for these processes by preventing specific Smartsheet users, collaborators and/or third party vendors from accessing the full underlying data, and all without hindering the collaboration required to complete specific parts of the process and meeting the necessary deadlines.


Full Integration: Dynamic View can fully integrate within your existing Smartsheet workflows, forms and automations.

Collaborate with Control: Make collaboration work with greater levels of confidentiality that you need based on your business requirements.

Simplify Complex Work: Simplify views into a complicated process such as Procurement Tendering, where the process is complex and contains sensitive data, and the outcome requires input from many external collaborators.

Control Confidentiality: Selectively share elements of work with Smartsheet users, external vendors or other teams and invite collaboration on certain fields and only when required.

There are many obvious user cases for Smartsheet Dynamic View:

1. Evaluate Employee Performance – in this instance, an employee may provide feedback on their performance in the current year, and even provide feedback on their manager. The manager can be alerted to their line reports submissions, and provide individual feedback on the colleague. Each colleague could view the feedback on Dynamic View, only seeing the row specific to them.

2. Process Work Ticketing – in this example, you could submit a work ticket, for example an IT ticket. Often you never hear of the latest status, so with Dynamic View, you could view the current status, and see who was working on it, what stage it was at, expected outcomes etc.

3. Manage Third-Party Vendors – in this example, a vendor / supplier could provide information to a company, regarding orders, prices, contracts etc, and could check in via Dynamic View to see the latest status.

To discover more about Smartsheet Dynamic View, please get in touch and we can arrange a demonstration. Cheetah Transformation helps businesses accelerate their Smartsheet journey through tailored smartsheet consultancy, solution building and training.