Sleep easy knowing your Smartsheet solutions and data are fully backed up

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We have all had that oh no! moment when you have worked hard on something and all of a sudden, someone else has pressed the wrong key, and your solution/data is lost. Fear not, there are backup solutions available for Smartsheet – you can sleep easy knowing all your solutions and data are safe.  

So, we should start by stating that Smartsheet does have its own backup functionality, although it is somewhat limited. You can manually schedule a recurring weekly backup for a Workspace (the Backup happens at some point over the weekend) or manually create a Backup of a Workspace or Folder daily (watch the video below to find out more). The output of both of these backups is external to Smartsheet (i.e. the output is an .xlsx file). This has its limitations in that all formulas, conditional formatting, cell links, forms, automations, reports and dashboards/portals are not able to be backed up and therefore this functionality of your solution is lost, should you ever need to restore all or part of the data from your solution. 

Backup Manager by Cheetah Apps creates a full backup* of your Workspace or Folders within Smartsheet. All your existing functionality is fully retained and easily restored should you encounter any data loss through human error or more ominous means. The benefit of using Backup Manager by Cheetah Apps is that your Smartsheet work is automatically backed up either daily, weekly or monthly and you can keep several versions of your data. This application provides great value to you and your organisation and will give you the reassurance that your solutions and data are fully backed up.  

Watch our video below to see how easy and flexible it is to set up a recurring backup via Cheetah Apps Backup Manager.


Please contact us at should you want more information or a demonstration of the full capabilities of Backup Manager or any of our other Cheetah Apps for Smartsheet. 

* There is a Smartsheet API threshold that limits the total items to be backup to 100 items within a single Workspace or Folder.