Smartsheet Overview: What Is It & The Benefits

Smartsheet is a project management software that offers a range of benefits for large retail and FMCG companies, and IT PMO departments, who continually need to manage multiple projects.

What is Smartsheet?

Smartsheet is a powerful work management platform that helps you plan more effectively, deliver projects faster, and make your teams more productive.

Smartsheet can be used effectively manage a project from start to finish with the ability to assign tasks, organise calendars, collaborate on documents and monitor progress. The software offers user friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate and leverage its features for streamlined productivity.

What is Smartsheet used for?

Smartsheet allows businesses to effectively scale a project from start to finish, Smartsheet can be used by businesses for for better collaboration, reporting and management of work in real time.

Smartsheet is fit for a variety of different industries and utilised by a range of professions. It serves as a valuable tool for managing crucial processes such as employee onboarding and training, marketing activities, invoicing and billing, as well as project and pipeline management.

Smartsheet Benefits

Smartsheet lets you plan, track, automate, and report on projects, with everything you need in one place.

Everyone involved can see exactly what needs to be done to keep a project on track. And with an overview of all projects, you can instantly see the health of your business and reliably predict results.

Smartsheet provides more visibility, more clarity and more impact. With Smartsheet task management, planning even the most complex of projects becomes simple, with a real-time view of tasks across the entire project.

Smartsheet gives senior managers a clear view of the status of all projects. This ends the frustration often felt when managers don’t know what’s going on. Now, they’ll always know exactly how things are progressing and won’t need to chase people for updates.

Smartsheet Workapps

Why use Smartsheet?

  • One version of the truth – no more consulting several spreadsheets and countless emails, wondering whether the information is up-to-date
  • Gain real-time visibility on all your projects, helping you make informed decisions
  • Increased transparency. Clearly see who’s responsible for which actions
  • Better accountability. People take responsibility for the actions they need to complete
  • Spot delays and bottlenecks before they become a problem
  • Make teams more productive – less time planning, more time doing
  • Improve communication (no more email ping pong or ambling meetings)
  • Bring cross-functional teams together – even those located around the globe
  • Manage multiple, complex projects
  • Schedule projects quickly and easily
  • Control access and actions with secure permission controls
  • Automate actions to complete projects sooner

Smartsheet Features

Smartsheet allows businesses to effectively scale a project from start to finish. It has some stand out features that make it great for project management:

  • Resource management
  • Content management
  • Process management
  • Securely manage digital assets
  • Task automation
  • Integrate seamlessly with other platforms

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