Unlock the power of digital transformation with Bridge by Smartsheet

Bridge by Smartsheet
Bridge by Smartsheet

Bridge is a new powerful premium app from Smartsheet that enables businesses to truly embrace digital transformation by automating manual and repetitive tasks via a platform that requires little or no coding, and which therefore can be implemented by IT and business teams alike.

Businesses have increasingly complicated processes that move across multiple different systems and tools. These processes, often require manual and repetitive non-value added work that can be both time-consuming and prone to error when executed. Many companies are attempting to automate this work through digital transformation, but are limited in scope of what they can achieve because existing workflow automation tools, either require deep technical skills to implement or are not powerful enough to replace the complete process to truly unlock the power of digital transformation. Companies need tools that can be configured by IT and business users that do not have coding skills. 

Smartsheet Bridge is a low to no code process automation tool, and through its drag and drop interface, lets you automate manual and repetitive tasks such as assigning projects, getting regular weather updates or creating projects and timesheets based on events defined by the user to name but a few. 

Simplicity: Bridge has a drag and drop interface where you can visualise and adapt your work flows and processes. 

Connectivity: Bridge can automate actions both within the Smartsheet platform and across your third-party platforms, systems of record and/or communication channels. 

Some examples of business use cases for Bridge include:-

Marketing Digital Asset Management: Collaborate on content creation in Smartsheet and use Bridge to move the completed assets to your DAM.

Martketing System tracking and qualifying leads: Activity information from Marketo, loyalty programs or community platforms can use Bridge to push into CRM systems.

IT Account Provisioning: Use Smartsheet to indicate what platforms new employees need access to and use Bridge to provision the new accounts.

IT Group Management: Synchronise groups from the Active Directory to Smartsheet

To discover more about Bridge by Smartsheet, please view the video below or download the overview page here.

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