Cheetah Transformation launches its own YouTube Channel

Cheetah Transformation launches its own YouTube channel – At Cheetah Transformation we thrive on continuous improvement, it’s in our DNA and it is something that we are extremely passionate about. Whether it be a new or existing client solution, our own personal skillsets or internal workflows, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries to improve for the mutual benefit of everyone.

Cheetah Transformation YouTube Channel

So to assist a wider audience, we have decided to launch our own YouTube channel to share some tips and tricks that we’ve found useful during our Smartsheet journey so far and to also showcase some of the Smartsheet Premium Apps that we regularly use within our end to end solutions. 

We will continue to post more helpful and insightful videos to our channel on a regular basis, however, if there are any specific Smartsheet topics that you could like us to cover, please request them by contacting us and we’ll see what we can do.

We’ve already posted our first 10 videos on the topics listed below to our Cheetah Transformation YouTube channel for you to view:

  • Smartsheet Pivot App (Premium)
  • Smartsheet Column formulas
  • Smartsheet Ancestors formula
  • Smartsheet Highlight changes and autosave
  • Smartsheet INDEX and INDEX MATCH formulas
  • Smartsheet COUNT, COUNTIF and COUNTIFS formulas
  • Smartsheet SUM, SUMIF and SUMIFS formulas
  • Smartsheet Forms
  • Smartsheet Conditional Formatting
  • Smartsheet Sheet Summaries

If you find our content interesting and/or useful, then please help us share on these learnings by liking our videos and subscribing to the Cheetah Transformation YouTube channel.

The Cheetah Transformation Team