Smartsheet Proofing – approve content with your stakeholders

Smartsheet released Proofing, or Content Collaboration, at the Smartsheet Engage conference in late September 2019. Smartsheet acquired Slope, a small Seattle startup founded in 2014, in January 2019. Slope helps companies manage the creative project production process. Currently you can proof jpg images and pdf documents. Smartsheet Proofing is going to be a game changer for Marketing teams.

Smartsheet Proofing empowers any stakeholder to quickly review and approve your team’s content. Simply upload your file to proof and send a review request to colleagues, suppliers and clients. Reviewers can pin comments, discuss their feedback with each other, and log their approval decisions. Upload a new version to the proof at any time to continue the process. Previous versions of the proof will remain available in view-only mode.

Gene Farrell, Chief Product Officer at Smartsheet said “We try to touch every department and customer use case we can, but one area where we felt we could do a better job is supporting content mark-up and approval flows.” The two Slope founders Brian Bosché and Dan Bloom joined Smartsheet in senior positions and have also been busy developing Accelerators for Marketing teams.

Feedback from the companies I work with at Cheetah Transformation has been fantastic. We work with leading UK publishers who create advertising content and also with leading brand manufacturers. The latter need to approve labels and adverts for new products. They love the simplicity of having all the conversations and all previous versions stored in one place. Smartsheet Proofing is included in our Advanced Smartsheet training course.

See how Smartsheet Proofing works

For a more detailed review of how Smartsheet Proofing works, visit this link

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