Smartsheet Brandfolder Acquisition: Why it’s a game changer for marketing teams

Smartsheet Brandfolder

Last week Smartsheet announced the acquisition of Brandfolder for $155m. Brandfolder provides companies with a platform to easily share, store and track digital assets and to view analytics on their performance.

There are exciting times ahead for Marketing teams. How many times can we remember Marketing teams struggle to share digital assets internally, with agencies and with clients? It’s a perennial challenge. We know of several companies who have built systems to help share these assets – at the end of the day its not as simple as it should be.

The acquisition is a great move for Smartsheet and we believe the 2 tools together will be a winning combination for marketing teams, retailers and agencies for both creating and approving the assets, but also for storing and sharing of the final assets.

Steve Baker, President & CEO of Brandfolder, “I could not be more excited to announce the merger between Smartsheet and Brandfolder. The leader in dynamic work joins the leader in digital asset management. What could be better for Brandfolder customers? The nice thing about this partnership is that we’ll be able to continue to operate as a standalone product while at the same time integrating with the workflow management tools that Smartsheet brings to the table.

“Brandfolder has gone from a small collaboration tool for marketers to one of the most influential platforms in digital asset management. Conversely Smartsheet has become the standard for work and together our customers will now have the best of collaborative work management and the best of digital asset management. We could not be more excited about joining forces with Smartsheet.”

Mark Mader, CEO of Smartsheet, “With our acquisition of Brandfolder announced on August 24 and its leading digital asset and content management capabilities, we strengthened our platform for dynamic work with a solution that both deepens cross-team collaboration and enables content workflows and distribution. In addition to supporting the logistics of digital content workflows, Brandfolder’s capabilities provide insights and analysis on the discoverability and usage of assets throughout the entire content life cycle for both internal and external stakeholders.

Brandfolder deepens Smartsheet’s ability to deliver a set of elite end-to-end capabilities for marketers to become the application for delivering excellence in marketing operations. By offering an expanding range of marketing-specific capabilities and solutions that integrate with our core platform, we enable marketing teams to dynamically execute, distribute, and report on the effectiveness of their work.”

To learn more how Cheetah Transformation can help Marketing teams become more efficient through automated workflows & content proofing in Smartsheet & storing digital assets in Brandfolder, please get in touch.